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GVM Baby World offers 3D 4D ultrasound and now new 5D Ultrasound and Early Gender scan near me at Brampton location to serve you better. Now you and your family can experience the miracle of your unborn baby on a 60+ inch TV for the ultimate experience. Comfortable and extra seating at this location, allows you to invite your loved ones to share such thrilling and memorable experience.

You are sure to have a remarkable experience. Especially when you do the early gender & early pregnancy scan and seeing your baby in the early stage of the pregnancy as they grow, you will sure leave with a SMILE!!!

What We Offer

Our Images Packages

Starter Package (Gender)

2D-5D (20 Minutes)

Premium Package (Images)

3D-5D (30 Minutes)

What We Offer

Our Video Packages

Premium Pro Pkg

3D-5D (25-30 Minutes)

Elite Package

3D-5D (30-35 Minutes)

Elite Pro Package

3D-5D (30-35 Minutes)

Ultimate Package

Two Visits 3D-5D Ultrasound

$299 For Both visits

1st Visit

3D-5D (25-30 Minutes)

2nd Visit

3D-5D (30-35 Minutes)


Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Can Be Done As Early As 5 Weeks!

Private Diagnostic Ultrasound, an amazing way to start off your pregnancy. You can check for the following:

Price Is Based On The Following Choice You Select.

Early Gender Determination

30 Minutes Ultrasound

Trust GVM Baby World for precise fetal gender identification with advanced 3D/4D Ultrasound technology.

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