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Family Planning 100% Natural Way

Plan naturally at GVM Baby World. Our family planning program will guide you to conception, and also increase your chances for Boy or Girl. Even if you were trying for years and can’t get pregnant, we can help.

Family planning is 100% natural way to fertility awareness, which is simply knowledge of a couple’s window of opportunity for fertility. It is a means of understanding the body’s signs, and knowing the states of the ovaries during ovulation through Ultrasound, for the best chance for fertility. There are no drugs, chemicals or devices involved. We educate and guide you all the way to conception, which increases your chance of getting pregnant sooner. You no longer have to keep trying for months or even years

Fertility cycle has three stages;

  1. First stage is day one of menstrual bleeding.
  2. Second stage is Ovulation when an egg is released from the ovary.
  3. Third stage is post ovulation where fertility is not possible.
CRL of Fetus Age

To learn more how you can get pregnant faster and start your family planning for either a boy or a girl. Call for a free consultation and someone will go over full details of how this program can help you or if you are a good candidate for this program

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