A Smiling Woman Holding an Ultrasound

Family Planning


Family Planning 100% Natural

Plan naturally at GVM Baby World. Our family planning program will guide you to conception, and also increase your chances for Boy or Girl. Even if you were trying for years and can’t get pregnant, we can help.

Family planning is 100% natural way to fertility awareness, which is simply knowledge of a couple’s window of opportunity for fertility. It is a means of understanding the body’s signs, and knowing the states of the ovaries during ovulation through Ultrasound, for the best chance for fertility. There are no drugs, chemicals or devices involved. We educate and guide you all the way to conception, which increases your chance of getting pregnant sooner. You no longer have to keep trying for months or even years


Fertility cycle

Fertility cycle has three stages;


Better Care When You Need

Witness the kicks & punches live as they happen in 3D 4D & 5D. See who your baby looks like, & take home these wonderful memories that will last forever.